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Private Wine    Tastings

One of the delights of life is pairing wine with the perfect foods. 

When done right, flavours become enhanced, subtle nuances more easily discerned.

But for us, the best part of our wine tasting events is the journey we take through history, exploring different cultures without leaving home. A Private Wine Tasting can be booked for parties of Six or more. You will pick the Country, Date & help plan the Menu. Perfect for  Fundraising and Travel Agents planning an excursion for a large group. 

Lisbon by Night:

Featuring delicate Portuguese whites, finishing with bold reds and of course, Port wine to accompany dessert. 
Traditional music and lore to make the night a truly immersive experience. 




The culture, the history, the terrain. 

These are the elements that make South African wines interesting and delicious.

Come explore with us.



Other places explored during Wine Tasting journeys.

Take a peek inside Electric City Gardens. 

Come on over- your table is waiting.

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