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Uniquely ECG:

We live in a Community that values Family.

Getting everyone together for one of those magical moments of life; celebrating generations and rites of passage that are as important to us as they are to you.

Choose ECG for that touch of whimsy to escape from the everyday.



Farmers feed cities and we are blessed to have so many relationships with the wonderful farmers of Peterborough County that steward the land for us and countless generations to come. 


ECG supports Independently Owned Local Businesses and believes in being part of our Community.



Do  you have a Charity or Local Cause that is in need of attention? 

ECG will gladly host a Fundraising Dinner and will give your organization 25% of the night's proceeds. ECG Gift Certificates are also popular bidding items at Silent Auctions.



ECG is an intimate venue for Live Music, Although we do not have an entertainment  budget musicians are welcome to 100% of ticket and merchandise sales. Plus we'll also feed the talent.



Taking cues from our favourite movies we'll journey the tastes and feeling of Julie & Julia, Eat Pray Love, Amarcord and more...

What's your favourite movie?



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